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Let Wiv Inc help you develop authentic stories about work to revitalize the connections between you and your audience.

Stories are accessible to everyone when they are genuine. When authentic experience is shared, we listen in a deeper way.

Making, thinking, and writing are at the core of our work processes. Together they provide fuel for new ideas and vibrant stories.

We live in a global world that is shaping the way we work. Through stories, we have the opportunity to learn from each other across cultures for meaningful work.

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"When I left your workshop at the International Women's Leadership Conference, I was struck by how fresh and different your approach and topics were. No one else is speaking about storytelling skills to improve our ability to communicate important ideas. And your use of evocative objects to help us hold on to a new emerging thought was very powerful, especially when linked to leadership."
Janice McDonald,
Canadian Entrepreneur

"My experience with Jeanette was so remarkable that based on a two-hour workshop in Sweden, we are still connected. I was impressed that it stayed with me for a long time and continues to inspire me. The workshop was a 'self unleashed' experience. It balanced a precious inspiring voice on one side with the courage to act on the other."
Reinaldo Pamponet Filho,
Brazilian Social Entrepreneur

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Jeanette's insightful workshops on storytelling. Not expecting to learn a whole lot that was new, she surprised me. I was impressed with the thought she put into developing a system to make this important leadership skill accessible for everyone."
Betty-Ann Heggle,
International Speaker, Author, Mentor

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