Stories help us narrow the gap between inspiration and creative action. They open new possibilities for our daily work.

We live in a global world that is shaping the way we work. We have the opportunity to learn together across cultures and across time as we redefine meaningful connections with work. In addition to offering Storyforth, narratives about work, I am writing the book Creating Meaninful Work to bring new insights to this global conversation.

My book is a story about seven individuals finding ways to integrate work, education, and life purpose. They are activists, artists, and entrepreneurs working in Brazil, Zimbabwe, India, Norway, France, and the USA. Some are following a dream. Others learned from the shock of life experience. And still others began their work very early in life. All of them are leaders, reimagining the way we think about education and work.

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"I read your blogs on meaningful work and I am inspired—how true that somehow, the best way to face a daunting personal challenge is to figure out a way to transform your solitary and difficult pursuit into a broader benefit outside and beyond the self."

— Paul Fitzgerald,
Artist and Horticulturalist


Founder and President of YES, Poonam Ahluwalia, developed networks in 55 countries to engage youth leaders and government officials to solve education and work challenges. Now Ahluwalia is launching YouthTrade, a youth entrepreneurial movement, and her first distribution partner is Whole Foods.

Entrepreneur Gunter Pauli uses the knowledge of ecosystems for sustainable work for female heads of households in Zimbabwe.

Brazilian social entrepreneur Reinaldo Pamonet Filho is developing a new model for education and work with the digital community Filho and his team are developing tools to encourage creative collaboration for today's challenges—moving beyond what social media offers.

Norwegian social entrepreneur Kristin Envig, Founder of W.I.N. (Women's International Network) brings "a more feminine, global, and sustainable vision to work, communities, and life."

Advocate of socially conscious business development, and coauther of the best selling book Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, Raj Sisodia believes high purpose leadership increases productivity.

French experimental film maker Rose Lowder, raised in Peru, educated in England, and now filming organic farmers in France shows us how to see the world anew. Her creative work demonstrates that preparing for transformative thinking is a lifelong practice for the artist.

Dean of Intercultural/International Studies, Edmundo Norte, champions empathic communication skills across cultures. A national consultant on diveristy, equity, and transformative leadership, Norte balances critical consciousness with compassionate interpersonal connection.

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