Storyforth: We work with people like you—
leaders from all backgrounds and cultures—
who want to bring forward stories for collaborative work.

Advance purposeful work with your story:
Three practical steps for effective storytelling.

Stories invigorate the knowledge we need for
purposeful work. For example, stories can close the
gap between women and men with experience and
those who want to learn from them.

Diversify your conversations:
In-depth training on new story development.

Produce stories with themes that matter: overcoming obstacles, building more inclusive environments,
and uncovering invisible barriers to new work.

Develop your internal work force dynamics:
A portfolio of stories designed for your work setting.

Stories are an important tool for collaboration.
When authentic experience is shared, we listen in a
deeper way.

Please contact us to learn more about our unique
follow-up work, including live storytelling sessions, individual coaching, and "Storyblasts."

Visit our blog to learn more about Storyforth.


"When I left your workshop, I was struck by how
fresh and different your approach and topics were.
No one else is speaking about storytelling with
evocative objects—their power to help us hold on to
a new emerging thought, goal or key message.
An incredibly useful tool, especially when linked to leadership. Personally I am finding numerous uses
for this approach and look forward to another
opportunity to learn even more from your
transformative workshops!"


— Janice McDonald
Canadian Entrepreneur,
Co-Founder, iStyle Originals,
Participant, 14th Women's International Conference


Wiv Inc delivers seminars in diverse cultural settings to engage teams in purposeful work.

Representative work:

In Prague, the Closing Address for 1,000 women leaders: "Authenic and essential stories for stronger connections in work and life." Also seminars on storytelling skills at this WIN Conference. (2013)

In Rome, Italy, at WIN's 14th & 15th annual conference with business leaders who integrate the feminine perspective in the workplace to build sustainable connections between life and work. (2011 & 2012)

At the Library of Alexandria, Egypt, with YES youth leaders from 17 countries who create new work for the next generation. (2010)

In Leksand, Sweden, with global activists from 120 countries at the Rework the World Summit. Participants came from Brazil, India, Russia, Norway, Kenya, Iraq, Somalia, Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK and USA. (2010)

In Arizona, USA, with scientists at ALMA National Conference where interdisciplinary work — combining art and science — invites 'new attention' to their work challenges. (2011)

In West Virginia, USA, with writers and artists who focus on regional stories about nature and home. (2012)



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